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Elets provides an unmatched versatility for working with multiple partners and consultants to mutually share knowledge. With a vision to provide effective information on latest development in different ICT tools, techniques and their applications across various verticals with focused reference to governance, education and health, we

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Data Security – Who Will Win The Cyberwar?

Data security is always the priorities for financial services companies. However, recent anonymous hackers launched a series of cyber attacks, in addition during the financial crisis, the public are not trust the companies, which is forcing financial services companies to enhance their network security to prevent data leakage, and to restore the trust of their customers. Although in 2011, the victims who had suffered a series of major network attacks and data leakage were Sony, PBS, U.S. Senate, and even the CIA and FBI, most of them are large companies and government agencies, but security experts say, financial services company is gradually becoming the target of cyber criminals.For example, consumer protection Web site first reported that Citibank lead to the occurrence of data breaches due to hacker attacks in the May 10, 2011. Two weeks later, Citigroup official admitted that the data thieves stole a total of 36,000 customer names, account numbers and e-mail addresses and other data.Nice Actimize, a company that provides the service of preventing against financial crime, risk and providing the solution, its product marketing director Ben Knieff, said: “The fact is that those who attempt to commit fraud criminals are targeting via online banking, cash management,” said Knieff In addition to the field of microfinance business, hackers will target locked in asset managers, wealth managers, and even investors who for access to online assets.

Security experts said that cyber attacks are becoming the recently rampant, and more cunning than ever. It is reported that according to the number of machines you want to infections, hackers, and even be able to spend 400-700 U.S. dollars to buy a software tool to commit the crime on the Internet.Lou Steinberg, chief technology officer of the U.S. trade holding company, said: “Five years ago, financial services companies have seen the hackers used a relatively simple way to attack the customer’s account, but now the attack patterns have undergone major changes. In addition, such as’ anonymous by ‘and so many hackers began collective division of labor. “Dell’s specifically for financial services companies to provide security services, SecureWorks anti-threat department (CTU) research team Jason Milletary said, the hackers use a variety of techniques to spread malicious software, such as the malicious code used to steal personal information, passwords, or is used to control the machine to send spam, malicious code in a user unknowingly. The hackers also use social engineering (such as e-mail disguised from the mail to colleagues or friends of the victims, to lure victims to open email attachments), taking the user’s password. Hackers will use the application’s vulnerability to steal the victim’s certificate.Currently in the team served as the technical director of malware analysis Milletary said: “We see that the malware is a constant evolution and development, so that they can evade detection.” He pointed out that the Dell Secure Works company’s Intrusion Prevention System 900 financial customers have encountered the biggest malware threats is a black hole.

The crime software developed by Russian hackers, the computer can be implanted on the site malicious script attacks.Steinberg said: “We see more and more cunning hackers organized to research and analysis and other financial services system. They try to find our weaknesses. Hacker is the offensive side, and we are the defending side.”Currently, financial services company’s IT department is to strengthen their defense system, through a more proactive security technologies to protect clients’ assets and the company’s secret. However, for banks and Wall Street firms, as they gradually offer new products through mobile devices such as Apple iPad, the challenge they face in the prevention of cyber crime is increasing.

Subscribe Online Virus Removal Program at Very Reasonable Cost

The virus proportionally affects the workability of your computer and if you find a large amount of viruses then makes proper steps to fix it at particular instant of time. The action you need to take will depend on the type and severity of virus. Make sure that you have taken back up of your valuable data before going prior to online virus removal. The data backup will help you in staying tension free. Try to hit the nature of virus and impose an appropriate virus removal system helping you in removing all kinds of viruses.
The definition of the hazardous software must be understood with proper caution rather then simply removing or cleaning an infection. The virus comprises remote access or other key logging components then it carries probable chances of its presence even after the virus removal. In these kinds of particular cases computer technicians and experts provide ample support for removing the viruses along with recovering the operating system and applications as well. You have to subscribe for virus removal program to avail help at very reasonable costs.
You will get multiple options while making a search for availing online technical support, but make sure that you are choosing the best option out of all those available in front of you to ensure an effective virus scan system. And also make sure that you are making search for online virus removal program in authentic websites.
The computer virus or spyware problem in any operating system is simply fixed by certified computer experts through latest virus removal techniques, and thus also ensures complete elimination of viruses and spyware from your PC.
The technicians are much aware about computer specifications and know very well that viruses and spyware removal is only half way to the solution. The online support technician’s helps you in the further processing’s, such as recovering your operating system and applications, and finally they make sure that your PC is safe enough from malicious programs in future.
The online computer support resources are assisting you everywhere over the phone or through Internet for fulfilling their commitment regarding making you virus and spyware free. The online computer services works in accordance to users convenience and helps you in handling computer problems either online virus removal or troubleshooting PC menaces.
The online support technicians believe in doing thing more effectively and with amplified productivity and your problems is their headache and they will completely assist you in removing all viruses and other malware from your computer. Ultimately go forward to get intact with a support provider offering a complete assortment of computer support services in a single package with cost effective plans.

How To Void Getting Hacked in World of Warcraft

How does a account become compromised?
Hackers will prey on your trust, naivety and innocence to discover your log-in credentials. Accounts become compromised when somebody discovers your log-in details (username & password) to the account.
Account Sharing
You share your account details with somebody you “trust”. It’s against Blizzard’s Terms of Use to share your account details because it’s so risky. Your friend could pass your log-in details to one of his friends, and so forth. Before you know it, everyone knows your account details. There is also no way of knowing if your friend has a secure computer; his computer might be infected by a Trojan/keylogger which means your account is then exposed. You might also fall out with your friend one day and he could decide to “get even” with you by stealing your gold and transferring to another realm.
Power Leveling Services
You buy a power level handing over your username & password to a complete stranger. Power leveling services are usually bought, with real money, through a website, which is just another scam to get your log-in details and hard earned cash. Once you hand over your payment, and divulge your log-in details, your account will be stripped of all valuables and the gold will be “laundered” through other hacked accounts (this gold is usually sold onto gold buyers). Finally, they will delete your characters, so they know when you have the account back, to do it all over again.
Account Buying, Selling and Trading
You buy, sell or trade your account. “I will give you mine if you give me yours”, so to speak. Once you hand over your account details the account will most likely become compromised. The guy offering the trade might appear be really friendly and honest but you should not be drawn in by it. Remember, they prey on your innocence and trust. You may even buy a stolen account and it is likely the original owner will one day claim it back leaving you with nothing.
Fake Websites
You click a link to a fake website directing you to a website that resembles an official Blizzard/World of Warcraft site. Thinking it’s real, you log into the page using your account details, which is when your username and password are emailed to a 3rd party. A typical fake website would be where you receive a whisper in-game saying you have won a free Blizzard mount but you need to visit an obscure site to get the code for it.
Infected Files
You download a file that contains a Trojan/keylogger. This means whenever you press a key on your keyboard, the keystrokes are automatically recorded and transmitted to a 3rd party.
“No problem. I will just retrieve my password!”, I hear you say. I’m afraid it’s not that simple; If you are keylogged then you should expect the scammer has the ability to also log into to your email accounts (since he knows all usernames and passwords entered since the computer became infected). All he has to do is log into the World of Warcraft Account Management page, change the registered email on the account, and finally log into your email account to verify the email change. Now your account has a new registered email which you have no access to, rendering Password Retrievel useless.
Malicious Links
You see a weblink, usually posted on a forum, and you click it. The link sends you to a web page which has some kind of invisible script designed to infect your computer with a keylogger. This can be a real problem on popular forums, including the official World of Warcraft forums. Fortunately, the World of Warcraft forum moderation team are quick to remove malicious links. Beware of clicking links!
How Do I Secure My Account?
Follow these simple steps and you can log into your of Warcraft account with confidence.
Passwords – Common Sense
Use a strong, unique password for your account. Make sure the password is different to any other passwords you might be using for your Facebook, Email, MSN accounts etc. Don’t use simple words like “dog” and NEVER use your account name as a password!
Good password: &e5PSW:QtdH%#
Bad Password: hello
If you ever forget your password or need to change it you can do so by using the Password Retrieval service on the official WoW website. A new random password will be sent to the registered email on the account.
Blizzard Authenticator
The Blizzard Authenticator is a great way to secure your account. It’s a little device which you attach to your account through Account Management. Once attached, whenever you log into your of Warcraft account, you will be asked for your username, password and a digitally generated code which you get by pressing the little button on the Blizzard Authenticator. Without that code you cannot log into your account. The cost of the Authenticator is $6.50/A�6.00 and you can buy it from the online Blizzard Store.
There is a free Mobile Authenticator available for your iPhone.
Anti-Virus Software
You should have good anti-virus software installed on your computer. Anti-virus software protects against infected files that might contain a Trojan or keylogger. I personally use ESET NOD32 which has always done a good job but there are many good alternatives on the market. If you don’t have the cash to invest in anti-virus software have a look at AVG Anti-Virus Free.
Once you have installed your new anti-virus software, and updated the virus definitions, go ahead and run a full system scan. You should also set the software to automatically run at least one full system scan per week (I prefer nightly), preferably when you know you will not be using your computer. Most anti-virus software have options to automate system scans; I have mine setup to run a full system scan every night at 04:00am.
Firefox and NoScript
I highly recommend switching from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox with the NoScript plugin. NoScript is a really cool plug-in that cuts the risk of being infected by a keylogger.
You may have been on a forum and seen someone posting a link to something that sounds really cool. You click the link and get keylogged instantly without actually knowing it. This is because hackers sometimes use hidden code, on web sites you visit, to infect your computer. NoScript is an extension, or add-on, for Fox which automatically blocks Javascript and Java from running. If you trust a website, you click the NoScript button and tell it to allow scripts either temporarily or permanently for that specific site. It’s great.
Flashblock is another add-on for Firefox which blocks all Flash content until you specifically allow the content to be viewed. This is useful for avoiding potential risks with infected Flash content.
Anti-virus software is NOT enough. You also need to download and install good anti-malware software because even the best anti-virus can sometimes have problems detecting and removing threats. I highly recommend Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware. Both are free and do a very good job.
Security Checklist
Buy the Blizzard Authenticator.Install anti-virus software and keep it updated – scan regularly.Choose a complex password.Install Firefox and NoScript.Pick good password – complex and unique.Don’t Share your account with anyone.Don’t buy power levelling services.Don’t buy, sell or trade your account.Check your browser status bar for masked links.Use Windows Update regularly.Install Flashblock for Firefox.Install anti-malware software.Don’t click links right away. Think before you click.Treat every Blizzard email, which requests personal information, as fake.Double check you’re on an official Blizzard website before entering any log-in details.Make sure the log-in page is secure (https as opposed to http).

How to Get Rid of the Win Scanner Virus – Remove This Malware From Your Computer Quickly

Win scanner is not what you may think it is. You may have downloaded and installed it to ensure that your computer is safe from predatory programs while surfing the web. However, it is quite the opposite – it is a rogue program that offers nothing of any real value.
The term “rogue” when referencing anti-spyware and anti-virus programs refers to different types of software that are dubious at best, and destructive at worst. These programs can make their way onto your computer in various fashions, including via trojans, other software that does not advertise the presence of the rogue programs, or even through operating system loopholes.
These programs may do one or more of the following: display phony warnings about your computer being infected with various malicious programs (while taking on the look and feel of windows-based notifications), scan your computer for various threats, return false positives, but not clarify exactly which programs are aggressive, or constantly attempting to coerce you into buying it and you need to get rid of the win scanner virus from your PC if it has installed on it.
Putting it bluntly, win scanner is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and is essentially a duplicate of privacy protection malware. It utilizes phony anti-malware scanners that lead you to believe your computer has many programs which threaten your privacy, and that the installation of win scanner is required in order to fully alleviate the risk.
If left unattended, it is likely the problems will continue to increase until you will want to stop using your computer altogether. Remember, if you have the win scanner malware installed on your computer and are getting numerous pop-ups about different threats, it is very likely the only problem your computer is having is with this malware and you need to get rid of the win scanner virus to stop this.
As mentioned above, these “reports” list “risks” that pose no threat whatsoever to either your privacy or your computer itself. The sole intent of this program is to fool you into purchasing it, which is itself another sham.
If your computer is infected with this malware you can get rid of it fast. What you need to do is to download a system and registry scanner. This will then scan your computer for any malware like this and stop it running. Once it has done this it will fix any errors it has caused and then optimize your computer to run at safer and faster. Scan your computer now and get rid of the win scanner virus for good.

Google Redirect – How to Stop Getting Redirected to Spam Sites Online, Fix the Google Redirect Virus

Getting redirected to spam websites from Google’s natural listings is nothing new. This is a virus which installs itself on your PC and then proceeds to redirect your search results to strange and scam-infested websites. Although the origins of this virus are unknown, it’s vital that you remove it to keep your PC & personal details secure.
What Is The Google Redirect Virus & How Do You Know If You Have It
This virus is not one of the most damaging for your system, but it is one of the most virulent, spreading through 1,000’s of PCs all over the web. It is a small application which attaches itself to your web browser, and replaces any Google natural search results with links to spam websites, trying to get you to buy products. The way you know that you have this virus is if you keep getting redirected to some strange sites when you browse the web. You can get it from Trojan horse viruses which deliver the infection from legitimate downloads.
How To Remove This Virus Forever
Removing the Google Redirect Virus can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it. Essentially, you need to be able to remove all the components this tool uses to hijack your browser, disabling it from being able to redirect your links any more. This can be done with this method:Open the free program “ComboFix” Issue the “remove files” command to the virus files Clean out the registry and restart your PC
This method will remove all the viruses’ most harmful elements and will also remove all of its settings as well, preventing it from coming back. This is a simple way to get your PC back working again, but in order to do it properly, you need to first get ComboFix and then get the commands it needs. You can do that by looking at our site’s tutorial.

How to Avoid Manual Virus and Spyware Removal

Some people say that computer is one of the most important inventions of all time. Computer really makes our life easier. Not only it can serve as a personal entertainment, it also works as powerful work station all in one. However virus and spyware most of the time prevents a computer system to work on its full potential. How does virus and spyware enter your computer? How can we prevent our precious system from getting infected, and doing manual virus removal?
A virus can enter in your system when:

When you open an infected email attachment.
When you use an infected USB storage device.
Downloading a file with infection from the internet.
A spyware can get in your system when:
You click OK on pop up messages without reading it thoroughly what is it all about.
You go to adult sites or port sites.
You install a program without reading what the free programs that installs with it are.
First line of protection against infection will be anti-virus and anti-spyware program. First this will automatically scan information going into your computer while surfing the internet or while you transfer files using USB storage device or optical media. It will warn you if there is a possible threat being detected. It is also critical for you to do a virus or spyware scan twice a week, in order to detect possible infection that is just lurking in your system. Another is windows firewall or hardware firewall. It should always be present and constantly turned on, in order to prevent hackers from accessing you computer remotely to steal some credit card or bank information. Most of the routers today not only shares internet connection, it also serves as a firewall.
The steps above should help you avoid doing manual virus or spyware removal however there are occasions that even with this protection in place. The computer still gets infected with virus or spyware, and if you are lucky enough it could be infected by both. Most of the time if the infection went through the spyware or virus protection that you have, doing a scan will not help anymore. This means that your protection program is oblivious of the pending danger. In this case you only have two options. Backup your files and reformat or erase everything in your computer and start with a clean slate or hire a technician to do manual virus and spyware removal.

How to Remove AVE Exe – Deleting Ave Exe Easily and Quickly

A fake antispyware program is making its way around the internet at an alarming pace, and it appears as or . This newest mutation of the virus includes , whereas previously it was just . The fake software can have a number of different names, depending on the operating system you are using.
If you are trying to figure out how you ended up with such a virus, the most common ways that people are infected include P2P filesharing, unmonitored e-mail downloads, and flash video codecs. The last example is usually most prominent on adult websites or websites of questionable content. Because of the onslaught of unsafe websites that are out there, I use an active scanner that alerts me as I surf if the webpages are questionable.
What matters most to you right now is how to get rid of this virus, because if left alone, it will not only make more viruses more likely, but will additionally put you at risk of data theft and possibly identity theft. You can get rid of this software, but it won’t be as easy as clicking “Add/Remove Programs”. You will either need a robust automatic removal tool, or will need to dig through your computer’s registry to fish it out yourself.
The first option is manual removal, which is only recommended for IT experts or people who are very familiar and comfortable dealing with their system’s registry. It is highly discourages for beginners to attempt manual removals. If you or a PC expert is prepared, then you will first need to kill the and/or processes, delete all associated registry keys in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\ folder, the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder, followed by deleting all related program and system files associated with the virus. A detailed list can be easily found if you are interested.
The method that I use myself is automatic removal. Why? Because there are no tiny errors that can be made that will render your computer useless, it’s fast and simple, and I simply don’t have the time to manually remove every virus I come across. Most of the time automatic removal gets the job done, and best of all, it protects the user’s system when the next wave of viruses hits the internet. I only recommend automatic removal programs that I have used myself.
Are you sick of worrying about viruses like ruining your computer and your security? It’s not worth pulling your hair out and risking identity theft. Remove the easy way and regain your sanity!

How To Stop The HDD Control Virus On Your PC – Working Tutorial To Get Rid Of This Virus For Good

HDD Control is an application created by hackers which pretends to search through all the files & settings on your PC for viruses. It’s whole purpose has been to look like a legitimate program, so that you will be tempted to either buy the upgrade to the virus or to leave it on your system long enough for it to steal your personal information. Please do not confuse this infection with an official piece of software from the “Ashampoo” company, as it’s been designed with the same name in order to fool you. In order to get rid of HDD Control, you need to be able to get rid of all the parts of the virus from your computer, which can be done by using the steps outlined in this tutorial.
The HDD Control virus is slightly different than typical infections, in that it will install an actual piece of software onto your PC. Known as “malware” / malicious software, this program is basically like a wolf in sheep’s clothing – tricking countless computer users into buying the upgrade to the application. This virus will have installed itself from the likes of a fake email attachment, rogue download or malicious website – and will now be trying to get you to buy the fake upgrade to the program by showing you fake results. You may have also noticed the virus will stop a variety of important Windows features, including the likes of Task Manager, your programs and Internet access. In order to remove HDD Control, you have to get rid of it in the most complete way possible – which can be done by removing all the parts of the program from your PC.
The way to get rid of HDD Control is to basically stop the application from loading, and then get rid of the files that allows it to run. This can be done in numerous ways, where you will either look to reboot your computer into “Safe Mode”, or using an application called “rKill” to stop its processes from loading up. Stopping the virus from loading is the critical step which most people don’t think about. You can’t get rid of this virus by just using an anti-virus application, as since it’s an actual piece of software all the anti-virus tools out there think it’s legitimate.
To remove this virus, these components need to be removed:
Remove its fake filesRemove its fake directoriesRemove its fake registry settings
The best and most effective way to remove HDD Control is to use an “anti-malware” application to scan through your computer and get rid of all the damaged / infected parts of the program from it. These are tools which have been specifically created to get rid of all the files which HDD Control uses to run, removing it completely from your computer. We’ve found the best program to get rid of HDD Control is one called “Frontline Rogue Remover”, as this application is the only one which first shows you how to stop the virus from loading, and then will get rid of it completely. To use this tool, you can download it from the Internet and then let it show you all the steps required to get rid of HDD Control.

The Importance of Securing Home Computer

How can I save my online reputation? What are the ways to secure my home PC? Can I work uninterruptedly on my computer? – These are the essential questions that bother you as a user.
The one and only answer that brings every solution to your computer and frees you from the attack of deadly viruses and the hackers, is the best antivirus software.
A good antivirus software will detect and prevent unauthorized access to your computer and keep your critical information and data safe from being hampered by any suspicious elements. If you are not shielded with computer virus protection, here are some of the risks that can follow your ways while working:

  1. Confidentiality- with the loss of antivirus programs, the important information and data which are reserved to the righteous person will be lost and the suspicious object will be able to detect it.
  2. Integrity- such information are reserved and modified by the authorized person only but the devoid of antivirus download will help the hackers to easily control it.
  3. Availability- such information should be accessible to those users only who can access it which can be easily shared and accessed if the computer is not safeguarded with some antivirus programs.
    These risks can be followed not only to the home users but the corporate or government network can also be vulnerable to them. Surely you don’t want any stranger or unidentified element to pry into your confidential online world. Apart from that, your incoming and outgoing mails are also secured in the hands of the antivirus software as they will track the records, detect the unauthorized access and block them.
    Safety of online financial and identity reputation
    If your computer is installed with the best antivirus software, your financial transactions are safe in their hands. Many users take the benefits of online marketing and shopping and perform numerous monetary transactions which are sometimes riskier if their financial information are not secured and may lead to online theft.
    Computer virus protection is also essential for using social networking sites or any other sites as it will pop up the suspicious links and sites while browsing. Some other risks may be followed even if you are not online or connected to the internet for example the hard disk failures, theft, power outrages etc. By taking some of the simple steps you can reduce the chances that can affect you badly with afore mentioned risks. These steps surely include the installation of the antivirus download.
    Functions of the antivirus software
    The installed antivirus programs will detect and scan the ongoing threats and will automatically remove them. If not, they will regularly provide virus alerts or will flash instant messages so that you can act accordingly or try to avoid them. That antivirus will surely block the unidentified hindrances and will smooth your online performances. The added performance of the antivirus software is that it never slows down your computer and is very much compatible with the already installed antivirus download.
    Free Antivirussoftware
    One of the big advantages of this antivirus is that it is available for free especially for the home users. Therefore, if you do not want to spend your extra pennies behind the safety of your computer, the free antivirus software is just right for you. It can act equally like the subscribed version of the antivirus software.
    Search some of the best computer virus protection software for the safety and security of your online and technical world. You will surely get what your computer needs.