Update - New Album
AMOK has started the pre-production of the new album, entitled Exodus Reversal Hex.
The recording is scheduled for autumn/winter 2009.
New vocalist is Kybermensch (Tri-Function Million/Cemetary Droids).


1. Remembered With Uttermost Hatred
2. Triangular Corridors
3. East Of The River Where Life Is Drunk
4. A Glimpse Of His Splendour
5. Speak Up Your Sins, The Winds Are Howling From The Sea

Serious labels can get in contact using
this address

New T-Shirts - Roman Catholic Murders
Agonia Records have printed new AMOK t-shirts, "Roman Catholic Murders".
White shirt with black front-print and full colour back-print. Manufactured on 200g cotton shirt.
Size: M, L & XL.

Order/view design: Agonia Records.

Execution Compilation
"Execution Compilation" has been released exclusively on Misantrof ANTIRecords.
This digital compilation contains "Effective Mass-Torture" (promo 2003), "LAVA Dictatorship" (demo 2002) and "Sadistic Attack" (demo 2001).

"Execution Compilation" (+ full booklet) can be downloaded from Misantrof ANTIRecords.

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