Data Security – Who Will Win The Cyberwar?

Data security is always the priorities for financial services companies. However, recent anonymous hackers launched a series of cyber attacks, in addition during the financial crisis, the public are not trust the companies, which is forcing financial services companies to enhance their network security to prevent data leakage, and to restore the trust of their customers. Although in 2011, the victims who had suffered a series of major network attacks and data leakage were Sony, PBS, U.S. Senate, and even the CIA and FBI, most of them are large companies and government agencies, but security experts say, financial services company is gradually becoming the target of cyber criminals.For example, consumer protection Web site first reported that Citibank lead to the occurrence of data breaches due to hacker attacks in the May 10, 2011. Two weeks later, Citigroup official admitted that the data thieves stole a total of 36,000 customer names, account numbers and e-mail addresses and other data.Nice Actimize, a company that provides the service of preventing against financial crime, risk and providing the solution, its product marketing director Ben Knieff, said: “The fact is that those who attempt to commit fraud criminals are targeting via online banking, cash management,” said Knieff In addition to the field of microfinance business, hackers will target locked in asset managers, wealth managers, and even investors who for access to online assets.

Security experts said that cyber attacks are becoming the recently rampant, and more cunning than ever. It is reported that according to the number of machines you want to infections, hackers, and even be able to spend 400-700 U.S. dollars to buy a software tool to commit the crime on the Internet.Lou Steinberg, chief technology officer of the U.S. trade holding company, said: “Five years ago, financial services companies have seen the hackers used a relatively simple way to attack the customer’s account, but now the attack patterns have undergone major changes. In addition, such as’ anonymous by ‘and so many hackers began collective division of labor. “Dell’s specifically for financial services companies to provide security services, SecureWorks anti-threat department (CTU) research team Jason Milletary said, the hackers use a variety of techniques to spread malicious software, such as the malicious code used to steal personal information, passwords, or is used to control the machine to send spam, malicious code in a user unknowingly. The hackers also use social engineering (such as e-mail disguised from the mail to colleagues or friends of the victims, to lure victims to open email attachments), taking the user’s password. Hackers will use the application’s vulnerability to steal the victim’s certificate.Currently in the team served as the technical director of malware analysis Milletary said: “We see that the malware is a constant evolution and development, so that they can evade detection.” He pointed out that the Dell Secure Works company’s Intrusion Prevention System 900 financial customers have encountered the biggest malware threats is a black hole.

The crime software developed by Russian hackers, the computer can be implanted on the site malicious script attacks.Steinberg said: “We see more and more cunning hackers organized to research and analysis and other financial services system. They try to find our weaknesses. Hacker is the offensive side, and we are the defending side.”Currently, financial services company’s IT department is to strengthen their defense system, through a more proactive security technologies to protect clients’ assets and the company’s secret. However, for banks and Wall Street firms, as they gradually offer new products through mobile devices such as Apple iPad, the challenge they face in the prevention of cyber crime is increasing.