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The computer virus or spyware problem in any operating system is simply fixed by certified computer experts through latest virus removal techniques, and thus also ensures complete elimination of viruses and spyware from your PC.
The technicians are much aware about computer specifications and know very well that viruses and spyware removal is only half way to the solution. The online support technician's helps you in the further processing's, such as recovering your operating system and applications, and finally they make sure that your PC is safe enough from malicious programs in future.
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How To Void Getting Hacked in World of Warcraft

How does a account become compromised?
Hackers will prey on your trust, naivety and innocence to discover your log-in credentials. Accounts become compromised when somebody discovers your log-in details (username & password) to the account.
Account Sharing
You share your account details with somebody you "trust". It's against Blizzard's Terms of Use to share your account details because it's so risky. Your friend could pass your log-in details to one of his friends, and so forth. Before you know it, everyone knows your account details. There is also no way of knowing if your friend has a secure computer; his computer might be infected by a Trojan/keylogger which means your account is then exposed. You might also fall out with your friend one day and he could decide to "get even" with you by stealing your gold and transferring to another realm.
Power Leveling Services
You buy a power level handing over your username & password to a complete stranger. Power leveling services are usually bought, with real money, through a website, which is just another scam to get your log-in details and hard earned cash. Once you hand over your payment, and divulge your log-in details, your account will be stripped of all valuables and the gold will be "laundered" through other hacked accounts (this gold is usually sold onto gold buyers). Finally, they will delete your characters, so they know when you have the account back, to do it all over again.
Account Buying, Selling and Trading
You buy, sell or trade your account. "I will give you mine if you give me yours", so to speak. Once you hand over your account details the account will most likely become compromised. The guy offering the trade might appear be really friendly and honest but you should not be drawn in by it. Remember, they prey on your innocence and trust. You may even buy a stolen account and it is likely the original owner will one day claim it back leaving you with nothing.
Fake Websites
You click a link to a fake website directing you to a website that resembles an official Blizzard/World of Warcraft site. Thinking it's real, you log into the page using your account details, which is when your username and password are emailed to a 3rd party. A typical fake website would be where you receive a whisper in-game saying you have won a free Blizzard mount but you need to visit an obscure site to get the code for it.
Infected Files
You download a file that contains a Trojan/keylogger. This means whenever you press a key on your keyboard, the keystrokes are automatically recorded and transmitted to a 3rd party.
"No problem. I will just retrieve my password!", I hear you say. I'm afraid it's not that simple; If you are keylogged then you should expect the scammer has the ability to also log into to your email accounts (since he knows all usernames and passwords entered since the computer became infected). All he has to do is log into the World of Warcraft Account Management page, change the registered email on the account, and finally log into your email account to verify the email change. Now your account has a new registered email which you have no access to, rendering Password Retrievel useless.
Malicious Links
You see a weblink, usually posted on a forum, and you click it. The link sends you to a web page which has some kind of invisible script designed to infect your computer with a keylogger. This can be a real problem on popular forums, including the official World of Warcraft forums. Fortunately, the World of Warcraft forum moderation team are quick to remove malicious links. Beware of clicking links!
How Do I Secure My Account?
Follow these simple steps and you can log into your of Warcraft account with confidence.
Passwords - Common Sense
Use a strong, unique password for your account. Make sure the password is different to any other passwords you might be using for your Facebook, Email, MSN accounts etc. Don't use simple words like "dog" and NEVER use your account name as a password!
Good password: &e5PSW:QtdH%#
Bad Password: hello
If you ever forget your password or need to change it you can do so by using the Password Retrieval service on the official WoW website. A new random password will be sent to the registered email on the account.
Blizzard Authenticator
The Blizzard Authenticator is a great way to secure your account. It's a little device which you attach to your account through Account Management. Once attached, whenever you log into your of Warcraft account, you will be asked for your username, password and a digitally generated code which you get by pressing the little button on the Blizzard Authenticator. Without that code you cannot log into your account. The cost of the Authenticator is $6.50/A�6.00 and you can buy it from the online Blizzard Store.
There is a free Mobile Authenticator available for your iPhone.
Anti-Virus Software
You should have good anti-virus software installed on your computer. Anti-virus software protects against infected files that might contain a Trojan or keylogger. I personally use ESET NOD32 which has always done a good job but there are many good alternatives on the market. If you don't have the cash to invest in anti-virus software have a look at AVG Anti-Virus Free.
Once you have installed your new anti-virus software, and updated the virus definitions, go ahead and run a full system scan. You should also set the software to automatically run at least one full system scan per week (I prefer nightly), preferably when you know you will not be using your computer. Most anti-virus software have options to automate system scans; I have mine setup to run a full system scan every night at 04:00am.
Firefox and NoScript
I highly recommend switching from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox with the NoScript plugin. NoScript is a really cool plug-in that cuts the risk of being infected by a keylogger.
You may have been on a forum and seen someone posting a link to something that sounds really cool. You click the link and get keylogged instantly without actually knowing it. This is because hackers sometimes use hidden code, on web sites you visit, to infect your computer. NoScript is an extension, or add-on, for Fox which automatically blocks Javascript and Java from running. If you trust a website, you click the NoScript button and tell it to allow scripts either temporarily or permanently for that specific site. It's great.
Flashblock is another add-on for Firefox which blocks all Flash content until you specifically allow the content to be viewed. This is useful for avoiding potential risks with infected Flash content.
Anti-virus software is NOT enough. You also need to download and install good anti-malware software because even the best anti-virus can sometimes have problems detecting and removing threats. I highly recommend Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware. Both are free and do a very good job.
Security Checklist
Buy the Blizzard Authenticator.Install anti-virus software and keep it updated - scan regularly.Choose a complex password.Install Firefox and NoScript.Pick good password - complex and unique.Don't Share your account with anyone.Don't buy power levelling services.Don't buy, sell or trade your account.Check your browser status bar for masked links.Use Windows Update regularly.Install Flashblock for Firefox.Install anti-malware software.Don't click links right away. Think before you click.Treat every Blizzard email, which requests personal information, as fake.Double check you're on an official Blizzard website before entering any log-in details.Make sure the log-in page is secure (https as opposed to http).

How to Get Rid of the Win Scanner Virus – Remove This Malware From Your Computer Quickly

Win scanner is not what you may think it is. You may have downloaded and installed it to ensure that your computer is safe from predatory programs while surfing the web. However, it is quite the opposite - it is a rogue program that offers nothing of any real value.
The term "rogue" when referencing anti-spyware and anti-virus programs refers to different types of software that are dubious at best, and destructive at worst. These programs can make their way onto your computer in various fashions, including via trojans, other software that does not advertise the presence of the rogue programs, or even through operating system loopholes.
These programs may do one or more of the following: display phony warnings about your computer being infected with various malicious programs (while taking on the look and feel of windows-based notifications), scan your computer for various threats, return false positives, but not clarify exactly which programs are aggressive, or constantly attempting to coerce you into buying it and you need to get rid of the win scanner virus from your PC if it has installed on it.
Putting it bluntly, win scanner is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and is essentially a duplicate of privacy protection malware. It utilizes phony anti-malware scanners that lead you to believe your computer has many programs which threaten your privacy, and that the installation of win scanner is required in order to fully alleviate the risk.
If left unattended, it is likely the problems will continue to increase until you will want to stop using your computer altogether. Remember, if you have the win scanner malware installed on your computer and are getting numerous pop-ups about different threats, it is very likely the only problem your computer is having is with this malware and you need to get rid of the win scanner virus to stop this.
As mentioned above, these "reports" list "risks" that pose no threat whatsoever to either your privacy or your computer itself. The sole intent of this program is to fool you into purchasing it, which is itself another sham.
If your computer is infected with this malware you can get rid of it fast. What you need to do is to download a system and registry scanner. This will then scan your computer for any malware like this and stop it running. Once it has done this it will fix any errors it has caused and then optimize your computer to run at safer and faster. Scan your computer now and get rid of the win scanner virus for good.