Google Redirect – How to Stop Getting Redirected to Spam Sites Online, Fix the Google Redirect Virus

Getting redirected to spam websites from Google’s natural listings is nothing new. This is a virus which installs itself on your PC and then proceeds to redirect your search results to strange and scam-infested websites. Although the origins of this virus are unknown, it’s vital that you remove it to keep your PC & personal details secure.
What Is The Google Redirect Virus & How Do You Know If You Have It
This virus is not one of the most damaging for your system, but it is one of the most virulent, spreading through 1,000’s of PCs all over the web. It is a small application which attaches itself to your web browser, and replaces any Google natural search results with links to spam websites, trying to get you to buy products. The way you know that you have this virus is if you keep getting redirected to some strange sites when you browse the web. You can get it from Trojan horse viruses which deliver the infection from legitimate downloads.
How To Remove This Virus Forever
Removing the Google Redirect Virus can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it. Essentially, you need to be able to remove all the components this tool uses to hijack your browser, disabling it from being able to redirect your links any more. This can be done with this method:Open the free program “ComboFix” Issue the “remove files” command to the virus files Clean out the registry and restart your PC
This method will remove all the viruses’ most harmful elements and will also remove all of its settings as well, preventing it from coming back. This is a simple way to get your PC back working again, but in order to do it properly, you need to first get ComboFix and then get the commands it needs. You can do that by looking at our site’s tutorial.