How to Stop the “Google Redirect Virus” on Your PC

The Google Redirect Virus is a common and infectious virus which redirects all the Google related search results from your system. This virus is very common and is caused by a number of different infections and viruses. Fortunately, it's actually relatively easy to fix by using the tutorial below:
What Is Google Redirect Virus? And How Do You Know You Have It?
This virus is a common infection which redirects the search results you make to various advertising websites. You generally know if you have the virus if your computer suddenly starts redirecting a lot of your Google search results to different websites, preventing you from actually clicking the site you want to see.
One of the biggest causes of this viruses is from "rogue antivirus" programs. These are famed throughout the World as being highly infectious and "toxic" viruses which install themselves on your PC. They also install the Google Redirect Virus in an attempt to try and scam you out of money.
How To Fix The Google Redirect Virus?
One of the big problems for the redirect virus is that it's unable to be removed with many of the popular antivirus programs available online. It's not a typical virus, in that it does not have any standalone features. The Redirect infection basically changes a few of the system files that browsers use to direct your website links, making it extremely difficult to find and fix this issue.
The best way to deal with this problem is to download a simple antivirus program which is able to target just the system files that the virus has infected. These are able to then able to remove the errors from these files and restore your Internet browsers back to the state they were in before they became infected. You should download and run one of these simple virus programs and then use a registry cleaner to make sure that none of the virus' settings managed to escape onto your system.